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In the last few years, it has been the Association’s priority to share with others the experience we have gained in our daily contact with the missions and the realities of other continents. We believe the rich heritage of photos, stories and situations that we have gathered are invaluable for the education of students and teachers. To open our minds to the world, to its richness and poverty, injustices and privations, peoples and cultures, is the first step to understanding the complexity of human society and global dynamics.

We have prepared a set of learning materials for Primary and Secondary schools to be introduced in Social Studies classes, or as workshops for curricular subjects, such as geography, history, law or religion.

Sensitizing students to be open-minded towards others and towards the problems of our time is the ultimate, ambitious aim that we have set ourselves, exploiting a variety of materials including videos, first-hand accounts, and of course with the help of teachers.


General objectives

To introduce students to some important questions:

  • The difficult living conditions of children, and the poverty that exists in other parts of the world, and where Caritas Children operates.
  • Distance-support and other types of solidarity and international cooperation.
  • Children’s rights: the right to education, food, family, and the local and international instruments required to secure them.
  • The economic and social contexts of the 15 countries where Caritas Children operates.
  • The culture of global citizenship and diversity.
  • The reasons behind economic and social imbalances in different parts of the world
  • Increasing awareness through the study of related subjects, esp. economics, law, history, and religion, in collaboration with the subject teacher.



Slides with data, graphs, and statistics concerning global issues; role playing, workshops; talks about Distance-Support and Caritas Children activities; first-hand accounts from local workers/volunteers/missionaries; presentation of group projects, and group discussion.



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