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Why become a volunteer?

To this question we do not believe it is necessary to give an answer, but rather to possess the desire to relate to others, in our case children, who you may never know, but who are the tangible example of the social inequalities present in the world and quantifiable in three major areas: health, food security, education.

You can join us and make your spontaneous contribution by dedicating yourself and supporting the different initiatives promoted by our Association and supporting us in organizing events such as: awareness evenings on the importance of distance support, the problems of the countries in which we operate, their development prospects, etc.

If you know some foreign languages, if you know how to use social media, if you are available in collaborating in small manual activities (enveloping small letters, scanning texts or photos, making photocopies, cutting out photos, wrapping small Christmas gifts) we are waiting for you!

For information or to let us know your availability, please email


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